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The Only Docuseries with 6-Figure “Triggers”

6-Figure Side Hustles is non-stop actionable intel for building a 6-figure income in your spare time, but that’s not all…

We hired legendary hypnotherapist Elliot Roe to wrap up each episode with powerful prompts that bypass the conscious mind…

And “trigger” you to take action!

This easily triples the value you get out of each episode… and multiplies the likelihood of you achieving life-changing income. PLUS:

Considering he charges $25,000 for 10 sessions… and you get 9 sessions for FREE (a $22,500 real-world value)…

That makes signing up for this series a no-brainer!

Elliot’s poker clients have won over $100,000,000 and nearly every major tournament title, including the World Series of Poker Main Event.

His clientele also includes Olympic medalists, UFC Champions, Hollywood Actors, Business executives and wall street traders. 

His unique mindset coaching system leverages the power of hypnotherapy to eliminate fears and breakthrough mental roadblocks to accelerate the moment you achieve the financial abundance you desire and deserve!

Episode 1 kicks off May 23 at 7 PM EST and is only available for 24 hours!

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Having a Side-Hustle is No Longer Optional

Every day, millions of people wake up and go to a job they hate, a job that doesn’t fulfill them… that doesn’t ever get them ahead financially…

A job that could be taken away at a moment’s notice.

It’s a rat race…

And most people are stuck on this hamster wheel, sprinting full speed ahead… 

Going nowhere.

Others are waking up to the fact that out of control inflation is turning their retirement plans into a pipe dream… eating away the buying power of the hard-earned money they scrimped and scraped to save.

Many more regret buying into the big lie that if you work hard, you’ll get ahead, when in reality…

Being a “hard worker” usually means more stress, tighter deadlines, and constant pressure to do more to make up for those who aren’t willing to work…

All while watching others reap the rewards of your labor.

Other people are just burnt out… sick of doing the same old thing day after day… working for the weekend and dreading every Monday… 

Tired of never getting paid what you deserve… watching others take advantage of opportunities you can’t afford… trading your life for something that leaves you tired and empty.

And that’s not even half the story…

Prices are NOT Going Down Anytime Soon

Despite what our fearless leaders say…

Inflation is out of control.

Prices on everything are through the roof… they’re going to get higher…

And wages are nowhere close to keeping up with the cost of living.

And it isn’t getting better any time soon…

You’ve heard the experts: 40% of the money supply was minted in the last 2 years–80% if you count the “M2” money supply… 

We’re at $32 TRILLION in national debt… and another $183 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities.




You’ve probably felt the pressure in your wallet… and deep down inside, you know that the government can’t fix this…

Your only option is to take control of your financial destiny… to increase your income faster than rising prices.

And the resources on this page are designed to do just that.

If you’re tired of watching your expenses go up, while your income stays the same…

If you can’t see a future where you thrive financially and personally by doing the same things you are doing today… working the same hours… at the same job… with the same people…

If you are frustrated by facing the same problems… feeling unappreciated… bored… and unfulfilled, while not even getting paid what you’re worth…

Then I invite you to watch the 6-Figure Side Hustles docuseries… for free.

What’s in the 6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries?

6-Figure Side Hustles reveals how to hit 6-figures or more with over 2 dozen side hustles anyone can start, so you can choose the perfect one for you!

YouTuber influencer income 
Affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products)
Artificial Intelligence side hustles
Amazon, Shopify and drop-shipping
Info products, coaching & consulting
Trading 1-Hour-a-Day
Airbnb, rentals, house flips, and commercial deals
Dividend investing
Freelance writing, social media management, and digital services
Starting a business

And more! Here’s a taste of what’s in each episode…



24 Hours ONLY



24 Hours ONLY



24 Hours ONLY

Episode 1: Money-Making Websites, YouTube Influencer Income & 6-Figure Writer

Mike Filsaime: Money Making Websites

The “3 circles” method of finding your perfect side hustle–so that you start something you love… you’re good at… that pays you what you desire and deserve!
How to eliminate 18 “apps” you need to start a digital side hustle (many don’t work & cost thousands a month!), and replace them with a single solution that is easy to use… actually makes you money… and is FREE
The 2 types of online marketing, one of which will never work for your side hustle… and the 2nd, which can turn your side hustle into a 7-figure (or more) business

Stephen Gardner: YouTube influencer Income

How to make a full-time income as a YouTube influencer… Stephen’s surprising success formula… and how to use “pattern recognition” to build your YouTube side hustle
The truth about whether or not you need a studio, or expensive camera to become a YouTube star that will both please and possibly surprise you
Why you don’t have to be an expert, or even have a large following to make millions a year from YouTube… and the 2 word income stream that makes it possible

Michael Hearne: 6-figures Writer

The simple way to find your first clients as a freelance writer–and who you should talk to about your services so that you get paid top dollar
2 different formulas for crafting a message that makes people want to buy from you… do this and you’ll be able to grow your income as large as you desire
2 artificial intelligence tools and 4 specific services you can sell online–even if you have no skills–and two platforms where you can find ready-to-pay clients
Episode 2: Social Media Money, AirBnB Cash Flow, Side Hustle Success Wisdom

Kate Buck Jr.: Social Media Money

The “specialist” secret to getting top dollar for your services… 5 areas of specialized services that pay the best… and a 3 step process to land your first paying client in 24 hours, and have a thriving side hustle in 30 days!
A simple hack anyone can use to expand their service offerings beyond their own personal skills (HINT: this lets you add high paying services you don’t have to perform!)
How to easily add 2 or new local clients every month, who each pay you $500+ monthly for simple services, in 1-2 hours a month, so you build up a full time income fast!

Brian Page: AirBnB Cash Flow

The brain-dead simple way to find properties right away and start making money within 48 hours… without paying a down payment, taking on debt, or buying any property (teens, people with no education, full time employees… this works for anyone!)
How Brian made $1600 net his first month, from a single property that has made him $1300 to $2000 a month ever since… and the exact steps that let Brian hit 6-figures in hist first 6 months… and $300k his first year
Can you make 6-figures in small towns? What about rural areas? The answer will surprise you… and the #1 signal that tells you whether an area is good for short term rentals or not

Rich Schefren: Side Hustle Success Wisdom

The secret about business success that Rich learned working for the Colombo crime family… a secret you can legally and ethically use today to change your life
The two-word secret that took a one-page newspaper ad from pulling in 40 calls… to 500 calls… and how you can apply to any ad to multiply your results
The secret to selling a product before you make it… and how Rich made a quarter of a million dollars in sales in one day off a product he hadn’t made yet! This is a technique anyone with a little knowledge can duplicate
Episode 3: Rental Real Estate Income, 1-Hour-a-Day Trading Dollars, Sales Consultant Cash Flow

Jason Hartman: Rental Real Estate Income

What the ‘no money down” gurus have dead wrong–and what they get right… How much money do you really need to get started? And 3 “commandments” you must obey to truly succeed as a solo investor
The RV ratio you must understand when deciding where to invest… the simple formula you can use to know if a deal is good or not… the 4 things you should look for before picking a place to invest… and 2 places you should never invest
How to pay a negative interest rate on real estate debt! This is a hidden wealth creator most people don’t know about (and a big secret of the wealthy)

James Wall: 1-Hour-a-Day Trading Dollars

How to turn trading into a 1-hour-a-day side hustle that pays a full time income… how to increase your income every time you trade… and how to cut your risk to the bone
How to earn a 6-figure income from a $10k-$15k trading account balance… and how to get your account balance up to that level
The #1 reason some people don’t do well with trading, even with all the same training and information as others… and how to eliminate this risk as a trader so you succeed

Chris Goegan: Sales Consultant Cash Flow

4 secret skills that make people want to buy from you… the 3 real reasons people buy… 2 tools that turn anyone into a great salesperson… and how to close deals in any niche, with any product or service
The 2-step process that took a roofing company from $4M a year to $10M a year in revenue in just 2 hours a week (do you think you could sell that as a service to roofers?)
The #1 key to selling in 2023 that has changed radically over the last 2 years… and how making this shift will multiply your sales and make you the #1 solution in your market
Episode 4: Side-Hustle Wealth, 6-Figures Selling Simple Products, YouTube Star Cash Flow Formula

Roger Hamilton: Side-Hustle Wealth

The 3-phases of entrepreneurship—and how to quickly get to Phase 3 where the real money starts to flow… and 1 Japanese concept that allows you to achieve peak wealth AND peak health by pursuing your passion
Why NOW is the best time in history to become massively wealthy in any country in the world—no matter where you start today… and why economic changes are forcing people to become entrepreneurs… And how to make sure you aren’t left behind
The 3 types of capital, and which 2 will make sure you don’t lose everything in an economic downturn… and how to structure your bank accounts to make sure the extra money you make doesn't disappear

Alison Prince: 6-Figures Selling Simple Products

The trash can experience that opened Alison’s eyes to the fact that she could make a living online… and made her first $300 that same evening (this can turn literal “junk” that’s lying around the house into cold hard cash online)
How she paid off her minivan with a piece of wood she found behind her house (this secret could change your life) and the secret to picking what to sell online (HINT: knowing this all but guarantees you will make sales online)
Is this process simple? Her 10 and 13 year-old daughters followed the blueprint and made their first 6-figures before starting high school (thousands of women have now used this same system to succeed)

Liz Germain: YouTube Star Cash Flow Formula

The #1 secret to creating a successful YouTube channel that almost everyone gets wrong… and a simple question you can ask yourself to make sure that you get it right so you can grow your channel to a 6-figure income
What YouTube really is (HINT: It’s NOT social media)... how to truly understood the platform… and 3 specific tools that put you miles ahead of your competition and all but guarantees your content will get lots of views (and income)
How to find the perfect sweet spot for your video topics so that you can niche your way in and compete against established channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers (and a 6-figure income)
Episode 5: Side Money Secrets, From ZERO to 6-Figures, 6-Figure Writer Secrets

Jonathan Foltz: Side Money Secrets

Why a high IQ is no longer the best way to succeed, and 2 more important ways to get ahead in today’s AI-powered world… how AI could end 75% of jobs–and why this will make people with a side hustle who know about one specific AI tool rich
The 1st step to take if you’ve never started a side hustle to make sure you succeed (HINT: It’s not what you think),,, and 1 specific online side hustle anyone can start today for about $200, that cost over $40,000 just 5 years ago… 
3 specific types of online businesses you can start today–without any products–and 3 platforms where you can find buyers so you get paid!

Iman Aghay: From ZERO to 6-Figures

How being 17 days away from homeless forced Iman into his 1st side hustle–selling a service he didn’t know how to do! What he did to get his first sale… and exactly how he scaled it beyond 6-figures in a few months (anyone can follow this blueprint)
A simple but unusual technique Iman learned after failing to sell his course, that anyone with a product or service idea can use to find your 1st clients, and start getting paid
The 1 question you should ask yourself the day you start your side hustle that instantly propels you past all the wannabes who never start… and gets you in the game FAST

Laura Catella Georgi: 6-Figure Writer Secrets

The best way to become a high-paid writer… master this type of writing and you’ll never be short of money–whether you write for yourself or get paid to write for others
How a single online forum post made her $600 overnight… and kicked off a 6-figure side hustle that lasted 10 years!
How she leveraged her side hustle to get into bigger deals… and create a secondary stream of income… and how any service provider can follow this exact model!
Episode 6: Paving Your Own Path to 6-Figures+, Scaling Beyond the Side Hustle, Freelance Marketing Consultant Income

James Altucher: Paving Your Own Path to 6-Figures+

Why following your passion is much more rewarding than following the money… and how you can enjoy both with a side hustle
A very unique networking technique that James used to get the most successful investors on the planet to respond to him when they had no idea who he was (steal this technique and you’ll be shocked at who you can reach!)
How a 10 cent waiter’s order pad helped James raise millions of dollars from Wall Street insiders, and the super simple way you can use one to create a successful side hustle

Verne Harnish: Scaling Beyond the Side Hustle

The #1 element that will determine success or failure in any side hustle or business… try to fight this overwhelming force and you are sure to lose, but align yourself with it and you’ll look like a business genius
The key to setting the right price for your product or service… how slightly tweaking the way you present your pricing increases income by 26%… and how one addition to your offer can drive revenue up 250% or more!
How to manage a business of ANY size in 1 half-day a week… how to scale as large as you desire in 7 minutes a day with 3 easy questions and 1 simple rule… and how to invest the rest of your time to add fuel to revenue growth

Anna MacFarlane: Freelance Marketing Consultant Income

What most people get wrong about their “brand”... and how you should think about yours so that you get it right (aka: you make more money!)
How to figure out what kind of a side hustle you should start if you aren’t sure… answer this one simple question and you’ll instantly know how you can start making money
The easiest way for most people to reach their ideal clients or customers online–and 3 specific things you should tell them so that they instantly know they should give you money
Episode 7: 6-Figure e-Farming, Real Estate Riches, Amazon Income

Igor Kheifets: 6-Figure e-Farming

Why businesses will gladly pay big money to “e-farmers”--how Igor used this fact to escape a low-wage job working with toxic waste… and went on to make over $10,000 a month before he quit his job and never looked back
How you can create as many e-farms as you want–and set them up so they automatically make you more and more money every month (this has nothing to do with crypto or Bitcoin)
3 simple steps anyone can take to create their first e-farm income that continues to grow and doesn’t depend on how many hours you work… by tapping into “done-for-you income streams” so you don’t need your own product or service

Robert G. Allen: Real Estate Riches

How to get paid big chunks of cash to get started as a real estate investor if you have no money, no assets and nothing to offer other than the desire to get in the game
The fascinating story of when the LA Times challenged Robert to go to a new city with only $100 and close a real estate deal with no money down in less than 72 hours… and exactly how he won the challenge!
The 3 skills you need to become a highly successful real estate investor—the #1 lie about making money– and the 4 C’s of funding deals… all broken down in simple English so anyone can understand them

Corinne Parkinson: Amazon Income

How anyone can start an Amazon business for a few hundred dollars and grow that into a massive cash flow…how to identify exactly what you should sell… and where to find any product at wholesale 
One brain-dead simple trick to getting over 100 MILLION people to choose your product over a competitor’s… HINT: it cuts your work in half and makes you more money!
How you can start selling items on Amazon using someone else’s listing, complete with product photos, description, and instant product ratings… all that’s done for you when you follow these easy steps and start collecting income
Episode 8: More Real Estate Riches, Amazon Millions, Life & Money Success Hacks

Robert G. Allen: More Real Estate Riches

How to win in today’s hyper-competitive real estate markets by using specific strategies that have never existed before in history
The 2 biggest mistakes that newbie investors make–and how to keep from screwing them up on your first deal! And the 5 questions you must ask every property owner to discover whether you have a deal or not
The massive difference between houses and commercial real estate, and why understanding this simple principle can make you millions in markets where house deals don’t pay off

Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary: Amazon Millions

How to make 6-figures a year (or a MONTH) in just 1-2 hours a day selling on Amazon–without manufacturing a single item… and a simple 2-pronged strategy to hit the top of the listings in a couple of weeks where you capture most of the sales
The dirty little secret of the manufacturing world that big brands hope you never find out because then you’ll have access to the exact same products they pretend are their own… at wholesale prices!
A hidden Amazon listing field that most people don’t even know exists that will get your product exposure far beyond just the primary search terms for your product (tweaking this increased sales for one of their students by 20% overnight!)

Rick Sapio: Life & Money Success Hacks

How to break out of unconscious habits that make up 95% of our daily activities, so that you establish new patterns that lead to better outcomes (this is the key to breaking through financial ceilings and achieving the next level of freedom)
What is the difference between the wealthiest 1% and everyone else? The answer will surprise you… if you make this simple (but not easy) change, the money will follow
What is leverage? Understanding the answer to that question will accelerate your results beyond what you can imagine, and simplify your life while increasing the odds that you succeed in your side hustle or business
Episode 9: Amazon Cash Flow, Stock Trading Income, From Zero to Ultra-Wealthy

Jason Fladlien: Amazon Cash Flow

How to quickly start a 6-figure side business selling products on Amazon… Jason’s story and how he’s taught 15,000 other people to do the same… and the exact steps to get started the fastest
How to analyze a product idea quickly to see if it is worth it before you ever spend a dime, so you don’t waste money
How much could you make? Jason shares 6-figure (and beyond) secrets from his and his 15,000 students’ experiences… Plus, why now is the best time ever to start

Marcus De Maria: Stock Trading Income

The only 3 stock trading strategies you need to know so you can make money in ANY market conditions (not just when prices are going UP!)
Why waiting until you have money to start trading is a massive mistake–and how you can start trading TODAY… even if you’re dead broke
One major advantage you have over pensions, mutual funds and insurance companies that gives you 3 times more opportunities to make money so you can beat them at their own game

Dean Graziosi: From Zero to Ultra-Wealthy

A shocking truth about what it takes to do “no money down” real estate deals–combine these two undesirable traits as a recipe for success!
How Dean’s side hustler mentality turned into a billion dollar brand that has impacted millions of lives and given him the life people dream of… follow this formula for whatever level of financial freedom you desire
Why trying to improve the things you’re bad at is the polar opposite of what you should do! Why your flaws don’t matter–what to do about them (the answer will surprise you)... and where to focus 100% of your efforts to achieve next-level wealth and success

The 6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries: Your Path to Freedom

The experts in 6-Figure Side Hustles take you by the hand and lead you to the escape hatch… SO:

Grab your popcorn, sit back and watch to discover how to create a 6, or even 7-figure income… starting in your spare time…

You’ll discover:

How anyone can SPEAK to artificial intelligence and create products and services that used to require highly specialized skills… but can now be “mastered” in minutes, IF you know which AI to use… and where to get top dollar for your “work”
The secrets to becoming an AirBnB host who rakes in thousands of dollars a month… within days of getting started… even if you’re dead broke… have bad credit… and don’t own any property!
The exact steps to start an online business, with or without your own website… and with or without your own products… even if you can barely use your email… including the exact tools to use… and the top 5 business models that pay the best
How to rake in daily income trading the markets… stocks, crypto, ForEx… if it has a chart you can start today… even if you don’t have any money to trade (this trick alone is worth signing up to watch!)
What to do with all of the money you make so that it provides passive income… capital appreciation… and expands into wealth that lasts far beyond your lifetime (over half a dozen ways are revealed)
The 4 best types of real estate to own… how to find the deals… how to maximize cash flow… and how to eliminate all of the headaches and pitfalls uneducated investors suffer
How to build your personal brand, become an influencer, and turn your passion into a thriving online business that throws off life-changing cash flow

All of which are revealed in 6-Figure Side Hustles… and much more.



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When you sign up to watch the series for free on this page, you’ll hear from dozens of experts in 9 engaging episodes how they built their personal side hustle business from scratch…

How they went from earning a few hundred dollars, to 6-figures… and how many went beyond that to make millions… AND: 

How you can do the same thing by following their pattern…  and be triggered into action by world-renowned hypnotherapist Elliot Roe.

Whether you’re interested in getting into residential real estate… commercial real estate… or short term rentals… 

Or you want to turn your talent and creativity into a life-changing income… Or you want to build your fortune online from a desk in your home office… 

If you want to invest for passive income, trade for active income… or get into crypto…

If you want to start a business… invest in a startup… sell “junk” that’s gathering dust in your garage…

Or just find a way to hack the system and get ahead financially doing something rewarding that doesn’t take over your entire life…

Then 6-Figure Side Hustles was filmed for you to instantly go into action mode and achieve your desired outcome

Inside you’ll watch ways to reclaim your freedom… 

Financial freedom… Time freedom… Freedom from anxiety, stress and worry about money…

You’ll find the secrets to creating multiple streams of income…

Achieving work-life balance…

Creating abundance so you can take advantage of opportunities… and enjoy meaningful experiences…

You’ll discover a roadmap that leads to an exciting life… better relationships… freedom to do what you want, with whomever you want, for as long as you want…

And your mind will be primed to act on what you learn with Elliot’s powerful hypnotherapy exercises.

This series is about getting ahead by doing something you love, in as little as a few hours a week…

But it’s also about so much more.

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself… About creating time for those you love… About becoming an influential person others admire and respect…

About waking up excited by the life you have created every day.

And it’s available to anyone and everyone who will seize it…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start… don’t have financial resources… don’t have time… don’t have any special skills… and are surrounded by people who won’t support you…

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